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Complaints and Appeals


Against the resolutions of the Decision Committee for the non-granting, suspension or withdrawal of accreditation, HFQ has a procedure to deal with complaints and appeals. Complaints and appeals will be received through the website. They will be treated as indicated in the internal procedure of H FQ-7.13-P01 .

Appeals will be submitted within a maximum period of 30 calendar days from the communication and will be processed in accordance with HFQ-7.13-P01. The presentation of an appeal does not have suspensive effect at any time in which the decision under appeal.

certificado halal


We are a halal certifier that works from the maximum impartiality and integrity possible. Without leaving any type of conflict of interest that could harm the evaluation process and the final decision between our certification body and our clients.

Transparency and demand are two of our values ​​that make us work with the highest possible integrity. In this way we always work so that our Halal seal is of trust and quality. And that implies that the activities that we develop in the certification process are managed in a way that guarantees impartiality. Including the presence of a decision committee that has not participated in any phase of the evaluation process and safeguards impartiality in the final decision.

Halal Food & Quality , is an institution that is financed exclusively from the halal certification and supervision activity. The income is diversified with the more than 250 certified clients, thus determining economic independence from third parties, lobbies or other institutions outside of HFQ. Guaranteeing 100% independence and impartiality in our activity. 

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Download the form

Fill out the Complaints or Appeals form and send it to quejas_apelaciones@halalfoodquality.es


Halal Food & Quality has an impartiality committee to deal with customer complaints and appeals made up of personalities from different fields in order to treat them as impartially as possible. 

For this reason, Halal Food & Quality invites anyone who is part of the following fields or sectors to participate and form part of the impartiality committee: HFQ customer, a consumer, an Islamic expert, a member of the public administration, Islamic foundation or NGO or academic sector. 

If you want to be part, write us an email at

certificado halal