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Request your budget without obligation following the following guidelines: 

  1. Download the budget request document below. 
  2. Fill in the document with the information we need from your company. 
  3. Send us the word document to presupuestos@halalfoodquality.es
  4. We respond to you in less than 24 hours. 

Budget Request . English Version.

Budget Request for Slaughterhouse. English Version.

Budget request for halal certification. Spanish.

Budget request for slaughterhouses. Spanish.

How we calculate the budget

To calculate the time audit HFQ-7.2-F02 «Time Audit Calculation» Timing chart audit, which has been developed is used considering the specifications of the regulations of Annex B of GSO 2055-2: 2021 , SMIIC 2:2019 , 9.1.4 . of ISO 17021-1: 2015 and other aspects indicated in paragraph 9.1.5 of GSO255-2 and 9.1 SMIIC 2.

The calculation of the minimum time audit is performed by the following formula:

Ts = TD + TH + TMS + TFTE

  • TD: minimum time (in days) in factory audit
  • TH: Minimum time (days) for each additional audit Additional study HACCP applied to products and services in the food chain.
  • TMS: Audit days in absence of management system
  • TFTE: minimum time (days) number of workers
*The budget fee is calculated based on the calculated audit time.